Money Can’t Buy You Life.

Bob Marley’s last words were, “Money can’t buy you life”.  I love this quote because it is the absolute truth.True happiness comes from within. You do not need fancy cars, fancy houses, or fancy clothes to be happy. While this is true, I would be lying if I said that having nice things was not a plus. Even I will admit to drooling over fashion show videos on  I admire the quality and the amount of effort that goes into creating luxury clothing, but I would never let it break my budget, and neither should you.  It hurts my heart when I see women spending money on things they can not afford to impress people who do not matter. Sure people will compliment you, some may even envy you but is it really worth it? Spending money on top of the line products means nothing if  it leaves you broke. Don’t ever do this. Instead search for similar items from cheaper brands.

Check out the picture (below) featuring my favorite outfit from the Prada Resort 2012 collection :


I adore this outfit.  It is full of color and it is very chic. However, anyone who knows anything about fashion knows how expensive Prada can be.  When I checked the site, the cheapest thing under handbags was a nylon tote listed for $335.  Instead of giving up money on things that I clearly could not afford, I searched for items that looked similar, but were a lot less expensive.

Check out some of the items I found below:

Open Stitch Sweater Price :$44.50 via

Stooshy Swish Dot Rosette Skirt Price: $26.60 via

Jacqueline Ferarr Shirred Bow Clutch Price: $27.99 via

Fossil Sunglasses Price $40.00 via

Spring Rose Scarf Price: $8.80 via

Jacqueline Ferrar ' Angelina' Sandal Price: $39.99 via

 All of these items together cost $187.28 + shipping.  It amazes me how all six of these items together cost less than Prada’s cheapest purse.

What do you guys think?

Let me Know.

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5 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy You Life.

  1. Harnew says:

    I like how you started off the post

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