Stop being a Spoiled Brat !


I went shopping with my family during tax-free weekend.  I bought some nice things. I should  have been happy. I should have been satisfied, but I wasn’t. I still found ways to complain. I still found reasons to roll my eyes. I still found reasons to be unhappy. I behaved like a spoiled brat!

Maybe I am a spoiled brat.

I have a lot!

 I am not rich in the sense of money but I am rich in other ways.

I have been blessed with

people who have taught me how to live,

people who believe in me when everyone else says I’m nothing;

people who love me for me,

and for a while I took it granted.

Not anymore.

I am learning  a valuable lesson.

I am learning to smile in every situation.

I am learning that material things are nothing compared to love and friendship.

I am learning that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

I am learning to be the difference that I want to see in my life.

Join me on my  journey : )

Stop being a Spoiled Brat.

Stop Complaining.

Life is what YOU make it, so make it fun!

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4 thoughts on “Stop being a Spoiled Brat !

  1. withlovewhit says:

    Nowadays we can’t never have enough…
    I recognize myself in you!


  2. Who hasn’t acted like a spoiled brat at one time in their life? This was a perfect wake up call to be grateful for all we DO have.

    I’m glad I found your blog.

  3. Tracy says:

    A friend of mine says ” your rich, you just don’t have the money yet!” I try to live by that. It is okay to have values and goals that aline with each other. It is not okay to cry for more all the time. I work in an industry where I see that a lot and it is sad. Your post was great food for thought.

  4. […] this month, I talked about how much of a Spoiled Brat I […]

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