Let Those Grudges Go

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We all have people in our lives who we could bear to forget.

We do not want anything to do with them.

We want them to disappear.

So, why do we let them control our lives?

We let them control our lives because we are angry.

We let them control our lives because we are hurt.

We let them control our lives because we are insecure.

We think we are fixing the problem but we are only making it worse.

Wishing someone would go away does not make them dissapear.

It makes them happy.

It makes us bitter.

It makes them relevant.

It makes us useless.

The only way to get over someone who hurt you is

to remember and t0 forgive.

We have to be positive.

We have to be confident.

We have to let those grudges go.

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7 thoughts on “Let Those Grudges Go

  1. Noon says:

    Love your post ! To me leaving someone who make your life worse is a very lousy idea , they will never make you happy or feel happy or even make you a better person , instead they ll make you negative , down , useless and under their command . If you really want change , you should first change within your soul which is your traits , beliefs , attitude , etc .. and trust me the difficult will be just a piece of cake and you ll turn to a person above what you thought you ‘d be 🙂

  2. D... says:

    Wow, this is so well written and so apt. Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest thing, sometimes it the greatest challenge to forgive one’s own self.

  3. typefashion says:

    Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we can never forget the hurt ! In fact many of us keep reliving the pain only because that is the most familiar feeling we have known for a long time.

    Only letting go and dropping those excess baggage can explain to you how much we were hurting ourselves.

    Well written and addressed !


  4. Catherine Todd says:

    Notify me of comments… thanks. CT

  5. freeknuck930 says:

    very well said! being positive is the best way to live life

  6. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    I love this!!! Yes, we have to be positive, confident, search for the good in ourselves and in others and don´t let anyone make us feel bad. We are all special and we deserve all the best 🙂

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