Women to Vote in Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002
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  King Abdullah announced that women will be able to vote and run for ‘select’ offices in 2015. These women have been mistreated for centuries.

Sex segregation is a big part of their culture.

Women and men sit separately in restuarants.

They have different doors to enter into their homes.

Women have to cover their bodies.

Women are not allowed to drive.

Women must have male guardians.

Women do not have rights.

King Abdullah has not mentioned any of these rights.

He has only promised them the right to vote.

It is a good start, but history has shown that promises are not enough.

Action is enough.

I believe that action will happen soon enough.

It really saddens me when people make jokes about the progress in Saudi Arabia.

Every country has had good times and bad times.

Every country has had to fight for their rights.

They are not the first and they will not be the last.

Things will get better.

This is only the beginning.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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11 thoughts on “Women to Vote in Saudi Arabia

  1. I can hardly believe this change in the Saudi culture. Aren’t these the ones who still stone women to death if they are simply accused of having an affair outside of marriage? And the “court” that judges them only listens to the man who makes the allegation… no “proof” is required. A doctor is called to “inspect” the woman AFTER she is dead. It might not be the Saudi’s, but if I’m wrong please let me know. Either way, I am dumfounded that this king is going to grant rights to women in any shape or form. It’s about TIME. So the world might just be changing for the better, after all! Thanks for this heartening news.

    • chrissie says:

      You are right. They are extreme with women relations. Just the other day, I saw an article that said a lady was going to receive 10 lashes because she was caught driving.
      Driving is apparently more threatening than voting in Saudi Arabia. So, I can understand why you would be dumbfounded.I am as well. I think some people forget that this is only a “promise”.It won’t be carried through until 2015 and that’s if it is carried through. History has shown that sometimes promises are not kept. I am just happy that it was said. It’s a start and it shows that there is still hope.

  2. typefashion says:

    The women there have suffered a lot but to many women, the very chain that bonds them is so near that they guard them against the modernity that other females ask for ! Overcoming that is the biggest challenge ! Empowering them is difficult as they don’t know what it is to be empowered and easily confuse being independent as against the law of the holy book!
    And of course the men were never of help ! Driving is such an issue because they do not want women to have such liberation! But it is going to be hard for Saudi to remain this way esp when the rest of the Middle East has women in important roles like Sheikha Moza of Qatar and Sheikha Lubna of UAE. These are two gorgeous women contributing in their respective countries and motivating scores of females to leave their traditional roles. Luckily they have been “allowed” by their governments !

    I welcome this effort at change and hopefully with good role models Saudi will soon reach the 21ST Century!.



  3. Ah, I didn’t realize that voting wasn’t to begin until 2015 and it was “only a promise.” That makes more sense, but I wonder why this King felt the need to make this promise to begin with? As bad as I was raised in America, I thank God every day I don’t live in their country. Thanks for posting so much thoughtful information here. You’ve got a great blog.

  4. Did my response get posted?

  5. Here’s a quote I really like, that you might like too…

    It’s God’s job to Forgive and it’s my job to Heal.

    I ask God and the Divine to help me do both.

    Dear God, please show me The Way.

    Bring peace to our hearts and peace to the world.


    Catherine Todd

    • Noon says:

      Helloo Catherine , hope your well 🙂
      Since I am a girl from Kuwait , I would like to take the chance and interpret regarding your earlier post regarding Saudi Arabia , Media plays a harsh role in showing the world how women in saudi arabia are living in misery i cant deny that there are some , but nowadays the majority women there work ,study/ live abroad , has the will to get married / divorced , her family would fully support her all the way as long as its in her own advantage . I also see SA evolution in a small period of time from now , many thanks to the former King Abdullah he’s such a humble liberal person willing to make it a better place for his people by providing them high standards of living and you can see that when he applied the raise in job vacancy , salaries , housing , governmental scholarships for saudis. Personally when I mention King Abdullah I see change , reshuffle of former laws and obligations not only in Saudi hes known to be a decision maker regarding any change impacting the Middle East affairs . So lets hope for now that time proves me right on my view on Saudi Arabia to be soon a more developed , and civilized country .

  6. Thank you Noon. I am glad to hear that women do have rights and protections where you live.

    Where is it that women are still stoned to death for “transgressions” of religious rule? (Having an affair, sex outside of marriage, etc.)

    • Noon says:

      Anytime . my pleasure Catherine . at the end of the day we are here to share and exchange views and beliefs and since we come from different cultures I ll like to share and learn from other cultures .

      Lets not get too deep in the religious side , Islam do not approve in women to be stoned till death for “transgressions” , but like any other religion its despises such act ( having an affair , sex outside of marriage ) , and from the ethics form you should be faithful to your husband and before that to yourself . I believe when you follow what god guides you to do you ll live peacefully safe with your inner soul of yours .

      When Islam despises you of having sex outside of marriage its all for our benefit ( personally , and socially) seeing relationship nowadays approves this ,that what Islam always wanted to protect us from . How many women do you know went for abortion or lived as a single mom raising her kid , just because the man didn’t want to approve of this pregnancy fears of social and financial affairs .

      Islam (our religion ) always wants has living right and in peace , but many people unfortunately are just doing what they think is right in doing . but thanks god for Islam it make life so much easier for us – its such a blessing to somehow have someone / a thing that provides you with a guideline for a better , peaceful easier life .

      Islam provides both men and women , rich and poor life of dignity and respect and protection .

      If you are more interested in such issue , i d be hapy to recommend you a lot of sites to read more about our Prophet Mohammed peace upon him and how he managed to spread Islam in the world in the old times .

      Best Regards ,

      • Video of Stoning to Death – Islam in action
        http://www.apostatesofislam.com/media/stoning.htm – Traducir esta página
        Stoning to death is a cruel insane Islamic punishment given to people who are … and throw palm sized stones at the head of the victim from a certain distance (a …

        Punishment for adultery in Islam
        http://www.religioustolerance.org › … › Sharia/Adultery – Traducir esta página
        1 Sep 2002 – Punishment for adultery in Islam. … Nurbibi, 40, and a man Turylai, 38, were stoned to death in a public assembly using palm-sized stones. …

        and many, many more examples of real incidents. Not false “media reports.”

        Need I say more? This doesn’t sound like “peace” to me.

  7. Ezzy says:

    Women in Saudi Arabia and many other countries have suffered whether its here in Australia that women weren’t allowed to vote until around 1894 and then finally voted into political game in 1993 with the first Premier Carmen Lawrence in Western Australia (WA). The world unfortunately (even to date) is run by men, even the Bible is written by men. Where is our voice? I believe in this 21st century women are beginning to have a voice, have rights and able to stand up for themselves. I cannot imagine what it would be like or even comprehend what is must be like to have no rights and no voice or even somewhat of privacy and independence in some countries. Honestly, this is just a beginning for the women in Premier Saudi Arabia and I agree with many of the comments here – there is no peace whether its fighting for women, children, countries, oil and so forth. The world is forever changing and some countries need to get with the program that enough is enough. Treat people the way you wish to be treated and stop the b******t!

    I hope someone here agrees with me. Thumbs up to the women who made our voice and rights possible. 🙂


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