Back-up Plan

Every since I was a little girl, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people with my words. I threw myself into anything that would let me. I was the busiest girl in school. Noone could tell me my dreams weren’t coming true. I won awards for my writing. I was in every drama production and I had the grades to match. Everything was going as planned. I was going to be like Oprah. I thought I was unstoppable and then someone stopped me. Her name was life.My parents got divorced during my seventh grade year of middle school. Everything changed. My dad did not have enough money on his own. Noone could pick me up after school.  I had to stop doing everything that I loved. I could not play the cello after school. I could not practice scenes in the drama room. The only thing I could do was go home. I had no choice and I was devastated.I just wanted for everything to get better. All I wanted was to see my family happy again. I doubted everything that I believed in.  My dreams were no longer important. I needed to survive. I needed money. Naturally, when college application time came around,  I  chose something scientific. Science majors always made the most money.I “needed” to make money, lots of money. My children would not struggle. We would survive. Making money was my new “dream”. No one was going to stop me.  I was on my way, but something was still bothering me . My old dreams resurfaced.  I tried to silence them but they would not listen.  So here I am, ready to try again.

I am forgetting about my backup plan and focusing on my real plan.  I will be getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism. Only God knows what the future holds. I am ready for this adventure.

Nothing can stop me.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. “


Photo Credit: darrellcreswell

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6 thoughts on “Back-up Plan

  1. You have a great perspective on life. I was caught up in the same mentality of “needing to make as much money as possible” and it caused me to live a boring and creatively unchallenged life. I couldn’t have been further from my dreams. But I took and stand a changed all that by changing my job and my outlook on life. I think I’m on the right track again!

  2. Hey , I think that is the real key to happliness and success..doing what you love and making that your means of keep going and try and make your dream a reality 🙂

  3. K.S. Schultz says:

    We often fall into a back-up plan out of necessity, whether real or perceived. I am happy to read about someone else who is returning to her original plan and commend you for daring to revisit your dream. I hope it comes true for you!

  4. fawi says:

    i read it out your whole story i just wanna say you that keep struggling and ALLAH will make it tremendous ways for which you will remain whole life and never stay in past which has been passes and think positive for your future targets and goals and i cent percent believe that one day you will find all those happiness and achieve your goal , just work hard and Believe on ALMIGHTY ALLAH who is our breeders and pioneers. ALLAH BLESS YOU .


  5. chrissie,
    this is such a great post! i’m so happy that you are following your heart! i have to tell you how similar my story is to yours. i was a science major in college as well when i started out but i figured out fast that it wasn’t in my heart. all i wanted was to be somewhere else + doing something creative. science didn’t fit the bill. after much soul searching i changed my major to JOURNALISM! 🙂 it opened up many creative doors + led me down the correct path. i remember that time well + am so proud i took the leap. you will not regret following your heart! i’m here to help if you need any support.

  6. Styln says:

    You go girl!! Keep hope alive! You can do anything you set your mind to do! Success is just around the corner, grab every opportunity that supports your dreams!

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