Once Upon a Time

Have you seen Once Upon a Time?  If you have not seen this show than you are missing out.  I honestly can say that this is one of the best shows on television. This means a lot coming from me. My television usually stays off . The scripted “reality” shows , overly biased news stations, and meaningless cartoons are a huge turnoff to me . I spend most of my time listening to music and writing. Finding new television shows has never been a priority of mine. Somehow, I saw the preview and it caught my eye. I decided to give it a shot and it blew me away. The plot of the show is amazing. All of the people are fairy-tale characters that are stuck in time in a world like ours. This is part of a curse by the evil queen who wants to end happy endings.  The interesting part is none of the characters remember who they are. It is up to Emma ,the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, to break the curse.

Check it out in the preview (below):


This series does not disappoint. It  is entertaining, mysterious, and thought-provoking. I love it!

You can catch up on the series online at : abc.com

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