It’s a New Year Around The World

The great thing about New Year’s is that it is a universal holiday. I thought it would be fun to showcase the celebrations that occur on New Year’s Day around the world. Here goes nothing!

I’ll start with something close to home, America.

In the United States, people love to party! They celebrate with fireworks, champagne, and watching the Ball Drop in New York City’s Time Square.

In South America, their celebration is called Año Viejo which means old year.They celebrate by creating a dummy that symbolizes the misfortune of that year and then they set it on fire!

Next, we head to South Africa.

They celebrate the New Year by dancing , in colorful costumes , to the sounds of church bells and drums.

Our last stop will be Japan. Their New Year’s is called Oshogatsu. Their celebration lasts for two weeks. Check out a summary of Oshogatsu below :

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”

Have a Happy New Year :]

Update-AbcNews has reported that Eastern Japan experienced a magnitude 7.0 earthquake early New Years Day. In March of 2011, they were hit with an earthquake and tsunami that left thousands of people dead or missing. Please Pray for Japan.

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