You are Priceless

Vivica started her day like any other day. She showered, took the kids to school and then headed for work. On arrival; she was bombarded with phone calls and paperwork,  promises and overwhelming deadlines. When she went home; her kids expected food on the table, help with homework, and rides to school activities. Vivica tried her hardest, but never received a thank you or a smile. She wondered why she had to go through so much trouble when no one cared. Sinking into a deep depression she asked herself, “Why me? “

Vivica is not the only person who struggles with self-doubt.  Most people do when life leads them astray, but this is never an excuse to doubt who you are.  Everyone has something great to offer to the world.People may not always tell you that you are needed.This is why you must know that you are needed. Think of where your family and friends would be if you were not here. There is nothing like the love of a parent, sibling, or friend. This kind of love can never be replaced and neither can you because you are priceless.

Always remember,

Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.
Wayne Dyer

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