Moving On.

I’m sure you guys have been wondering where I have been. You probably thought I gave up, but I am just moving on. No, I am not giving up on blogging. I am just moving  to a self-hosted site.  I would like to focus on more things around the world, but inspiration will always be my focus. You can check me out here.

I would love for you to guest post on my site. I would also like to feature some of your links on my site, so message me if you are interested.

To celebrate my move, I plan on doing a giveaway that you don’t wanna miss. So, be sure to subscribe and invite friends 😉 !





2 thoughts on “Moving On.

  1. I’m hoping for the first prize of a t-shirt with your pic and blog name on it 😀
    Let me know if I can help in anyway, ok?

    Maybe I’ll try to vandalize with one of my poems on your site 😀

    Good luck! I think you’ll do very well!

  2. chrissie says:

    Thanks for the kind words; I really appreciate it and I would love for you to guest post on the site. Is there an email address where I can reach you?

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