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Don’t look down.

This past week has been a little crazy for me. It has been full of drama which is something that I usually avoid. Unfortunately, I was not able to avoid it this week as it was completely unexpected. Who would have thought that my best “friend” would use me for monetary gain or that my roommates would establish a personal vendetta against everything I touch? I know I sure did not, but it is what it is. My life will go on.  I am kind of  happy that all these things are happening to me because I am learning a valuable lesson.

There will be times in  our  lives where things spiral out of control and we find that people were not who we thought they were.  However, this does not change who we are. If other people completely defined everything about us then we wouldn’t be us. We would be them.  So, I say to you today, “Don’t look down.” When someone who you trust walks away , let them go. You do not need their approval. If they are meant to be in your life then they will be.    The only person who can determine your worth is you; so, don’t look down.

“If you want to be happy, be.”
Leo Tolstoy

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